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​"The Memory of the Sugar Cow"  2019  Mixed media (Styrofoam, plaster, hemp, sugar)

Cows have always lived alongside humans and have worked as a means of providing power. The process of manufacturing sugar in a hut has been intertwined with humans and cows for a long time and it continues to exist today. I made a cow from sugar which I conceived from the idea of the sugar making process. The cow is made from the memory of the hut. The cow keeps spinning. The cow made of sugar keeps working for a long time and its body becomes worn. It becomes sugar cubes, melts and return to the earth.

「砂糖うし小屋」2019 ミクストメディア(発砲スチロール、漆喰、麻、砂糖)  


​"Take a walk" 2018 Mixed media 

"Take a walk" is the first art piece in which I use photographies in an installation. Photography has been part of my daily life and artistic education, so I wanted to use it on a installation art piece.

The occasion arose when I was taking a walk in Yakushima (Kagoshima) and while I was walking I thought it was hard to coordinate where I would put my foot and enjoy the view at the same time.

Maybe it sounds like a trivial thought but, this class of experiences are impossible to evoke only with photos. 

In conclusion, I created "Take a Walk" as an experiment to try to make the viewer not only observe the photograph but to be part of the picture by modeling the space into a playground where the photos are showcased.

「Take a walk」2018 ミクストメディア


​"Trace the Outline of the Arc" 2018 Mixed media (shells, polystyrene, rope, video)

This is my third and last piece in which I used the shells as the main material. In this particular piece I wanted to create a metaphor with the sculpture (a big sphere with the same height as me, 150cm) and the sea Katsuura (Chiba), the one where I used to go to swim with my high school swimming club. I wanted it to mean something like the unknown in which you have to swim in and out, tossed by the sea.

In conclusion, for me to have to swim in the open sea it was as difficult as comforting an experience. Therefore in this work I wanted to recreate the same situation in order to get a better understanding of it all.

「弧を描く」2018 ミクストメディア (貝殻、発砲スチロール、ロープ、映像)



​"Fountain" 2016 Mixed media (polyurethane foam, sound, digital parts, light bulb, wood)

This artwork is more an experiment than a complete piece that originated when I came across a fountain in my way to the university and I realized that the ascendent trajectory of the water was very similar to the type of movement seen of ballet, as opposed to traditional Japanese dance. This made me think of the difference in the way of thinking between western countries and Japan.

I wanted to reinterpret this upward movement in the context of Japanese traditions, using lighting as an element to create the illusion of movement, that at least in my mind is linked to the figure of Buddha and buddhist altars.

These are my first impressions on this topic that I find interesting and which I would like to revisit it in the future.

「泉」2016 ミクストメディア (発砲ウレタン、音、電球、木)





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